Welcome to the Lemon Drop Rising Community

Welcome to the Lemon Drops Rising Membership. We have packed it full of value and opportunities. We will continue to tweak and revamp according to member feedback. We look forward to your, engagement within the group and providing resources to help you grow. This group is primarily about sharing your story, how to write it, how to use it, where to print it, and present it. We will also have plenty of amazing, talented business leaders who will bring you solid business ideas and how to implement it. We’ve created a multifaceted program because being an author can be complex. We strive to focus on creativity, mastering communication skills, alternative ways to express your story. How to discover your WHY and understand your purpose, and so much more.

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Our Focus

These are items to expect throughout the year.


• Opportunities for greater visibility


• Improving writing skills


• How to use your story to level up your business


• Webinars, workshops, and panel discussions with the brightest and best minds in business


• Leadership development


• Get your story published


• Free Access to Legendary Leaders & Lemonade Life


• A monthly drawing for an Interview article in Daring Lemonade Magazine

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